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Project Description
Application of liquid crystal-based display technology is serving human’s daily life in many aspects. Fluorinated liquid crystal material can significantly increase response speed of display equipment, while decrease the power consumption and provide higher contrast and wider vision field, it is the key developing point for advanced display and advanced material. Yongtai entered display industry from liquid crystal intermediates and mono-crystals, now becomes one of the major suppliers of world liquid crystal giants.
At the same time, Developed on the base of current sources, one of the key material - ?? will be the initial domestic substitution for imported one as the vital force which pushes the key material localization of FPD.
Additionally, Shaowu Yongtai Advanced Material Co., Ltd., invested by Yongtai Technology,manufactures lithium battery material, taking full advantage of rich experience in fluorinated fine chemistry, and actively promotes the development of high efficiency energy material industry.